SOTRADE is the world’s #1 DeFi copy trading platform that makes copy/social trading possible from a truly decentralized angle. Utilizing the SOTRADE platform, you will be able to copy your favorite trader’s positions without ever having to monitor the markets 24/7. Through the SOTRADE platform, you actually own your assets and have them safely stored in your personal MetaMask wallet.

We will be hosting a Presale to raise initial liquidity for the PancakeSwap listing. There is Total Supply of 1 TRILLION tokens of $SOTRADE:

Liquidity Tokens: 300,000,000,000 (30%)
Public Sale: 350,000,000,000 (35%)
Marketing Development / Partnerships: 100,000,000,000 (10%)
Burn Wallet: 250,000,000,000 (25%)

Allocated supply for Sale: 350,000,000,000
$SOTRADE Value: 1 BNB = 350,000,000
HardCap: 100 BNB
Maximum contribution: 2 BNB per wallet

To participate in the SOTRADE Presale, you will need to be on the whitelist. The whitelist form will be distributed to the community upon reaching target 1 (200 members) of user growth in our Telegram community chat. The whitelist will be limited to 100 participants, where the maximum contribution per wallet is 2 BNB. Pancake Swap listing will follow after the sale concludes.



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